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[13 Dec 2013|03:12am]

This is a sorry state of affairs. Less than a week to the Winter Revels, and I have nothing suitable to wear. 
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Enigma..? [12 Jan 2012|10:37pm]
It's a crystal, nothing more... 

...but when you turn it this way, it can show you


What would you see, I wonder?
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[22 Mar 2011|01:09pm]
All right. Own up.

Which one of you reprobates left a hunting horn lying around where Goblinkin could reach it?
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King of the Bean [22 Dec 2010|03:20pm]
Good tidings.

The delectable Queen Mab finally returned to her duties as Queen of the Winter court - and not before time. With the Solstice upon us she is reaching the end of her influence, and as the seasons turn, it is my hope that Summer will restore order to the chaos she has wrought throughout my realm. It has been a difficult Autumn, this year.

That said, things are about to change. I am currently attending the Midwinter Revels. They are as chaotic and energetic as ever, and my memory of the past few days is hazy, to say the least. One thing stands out in my mind, however. One glorious moment in the entire celebration, when I found the copper bean in my Solstice cake. My fortunes have changed indeed, for this season, I am the Lord of Misrule - the King of Fools. There was much laughter, as all present agreed it was an apt title for me. Their laughter did not last very long. I am already well used to such a position.
Am I too smug? Perhaps.
Ah, but the look on Mab's face will stay with me for a long long time. It will warm me through the rest of Winter.

As Lord of Misrule, I have authority over both Summer and Winter courts for the next twelve days. They must obey my wishes, and there cannot be any reprisals, no matter how much they dislike the things I request of them. 
The celebrations end with a a fool's banquet, and a masque, where I will relinquish my title in a mock sacrifice.
In the meantime, I wear the holly crown, and I intend to enjoy myself.
Oh yes indeed.
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[02 Nov 2010|01:56pm]
Having just spent the most uncomfortable night of my entire existence somewhere in the Dark Forest, I have returned to my humble dwelling and I intend to sleep for the entire day.

Possibly longer.

Woe betide anyone who disturbs me.

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[01 Nov 2010|10:51pm]
Kssssssss reeeecchhhchhh aaarreccccchsssssss reeeeyeeeeeeaaaachhhhh



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[31 Oct 2010|11:14pm]
I am nowhere near Cwmru, yet I have found a hallowed place. A crystal cave where a clear mountain stream bubbles up into this world from deep underground.
This is ancient. I can feel the magic of the gateway here. Traces of pathways walked by my kinsmen since the dawn of time, on their travels through the realms.

An inscription in the ancient language reads 'We are the children of the circle'. There is even a guardian. A sentinel stone, placed at the source of the stream.

This is my best hope.

The sun has gone down. Ysbrydnos - the night of spirits, has begun. If the Lady Fortuna is smiling on her wayward son, tonight I will find my way home.
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[30 Oct 2010|10:11pm]
If it would just stop raining for one wretched minute...
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[28 Oct 2010|12:01pm]
I am in something of a predicament, I must confess.
I have not  been too concerned about it until now. Sometimes the bridge between the worlds is weak, and there are any number of reasons why I might find it difficult to make the crossing.
However, such anomalies usually resolve themselves within a matter of hours..

This time, it has been days.

Furthermore, it is late Autumn. Winter begins in just a few days. This is my time - I should be at the height of my powers. I should be able to call the pathways to me with ease.
I cannot.

I have lost Affinity. I can barely detect my connection with Arcadia. Each time I try to make the crosasover, I feel as though I am enshrouded in some viscous impenetrable fog.

There is no room for my kind in this modern, mortal world. Nobody believes anymore. Nobody dreams.
Nobody fears a changeling or a boggart. Nobody even recognises us. I have received a few curious glances, but the significance of what they are seeing seems to be lost on these sophisticated folk.
This place is unfamiliar to me. Where once people knew my kind as the 'shining ones', 'the gentry', now we are all but forgotten. The landscape is changing too. Great industrial structures obstruct the skyline, filling the world with such vast quantities of the blood metal that I am sick with it.

I am feeling quite ill.

In a few days it will be Ysbrydnos, the great and ancient festival of spirits that marks the beginning of Winter. I must find my way to Cwmru, to the sacred places of the Twlyth Teg, for Nos Calan Gaeaf. Perhaps, when the boundaries between the worlds are thin, I will have more chance of finding my way home.

And in the meantime, the world swings towards Winter, and Mab will be gaining power. She is taking advantage of my absence already, it seems.
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[26 Oct 2010|12:39pm]
Can anybody tell me what a Barwhee is? I am assuming it must be some kind of Bhansidhe?
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[24 Oct 2010|12:11pm]
I am a little unsettled. There is a lot more traffic, and it moves faster than I remember.
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[22 Oct 2010|08:11pm]

It seems that Mab has more guile than I gave her credit for. And I...

I am NOT going into details. The upshot of this, however, is that the mortal must return home before she has a chance to take him back to Winter.
The mortal, whose name is Idiot William, incidentally, does not understand the danger of his situation. He does not wish to leave, and therefore I must personally escort him.

Which means I must brave the Otherside.

I am not best pleased.
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[30 Sep 2010|07:27pm]

The answer is so blindingly obvious that I wonder how I could possibly have overlooked it.

It's the mortal.

That's what this is all about. The delicate young man with the flame red hair and strange attire. I knew Mab had an ulterior motive. From the moment she summoned me to Court, I should have realised.
Foolish, Jareth. Foolish. I am exasperated with myself for missing such an unsubtle ploy.

What would the Winter Queen want with such a creature, I wonder? Nothing good, that much is certain.

So, should I let her take him? He is rather pathetic. I doubt he'd be missed; nobody has come after him so far...

...or should I keep him here and risk bringing the entirety of Winter's wrath down on my shoulders. Amusing, though possibly unwise.

Such a difficult decision. For the moment, I have the advantage. I have something Mab wants, and I intend to make full use of that.
Let the games begin.
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[26 Sep 2010|03:06am]
Well, that was unexpected.

...and slightly odd.

Mab dropped in.


She fell through the roof.

Apparently she had been taking part in preparations for the Winter revels, and had been convinced by one of her minions to try out a new sport. I wasn't privy to all the details - I suspect she could tell I was finding the entire thing very amusing - but the upshot involved her being flung through the air via something akin to a trebuchet.

Now, far be it from me to assume anything. However, I am struck by the similarity to a certain episode of chicken flinging, last month, by members of my own court. And I have recently visited the Winter court, at Mab's invitation. Winter fae are unpredictable at the best of times. Could it be that one or two of them were influenced by my retinue of goblinkin, and decided to see how far they could take the idea?

Oh, I do hope so.

In the meantime, I have an extremely aggravated Winter Queen in my chambers. And I...

I think I might be slightly iniebriated.


Well? Laugh.
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[28 Aug 2010|12:26pm]

Ah, I have missed this place. It is a curious thing; when I am here I wish heartily to be elsewhere, and yet when I travel I cannot wait to return.
I have no idea why.
Goblinkin are not the most intelligent creatures, neither are they the most sanitary, as evidenced by the rather heady and pertinent aroma which greeted me as I arrived. It almost has a character all of its own. It certainly has more wit than most of the occupants of the goblin city. It seems that in my absence, my loyal subjects rediscovered the most ancient and honourable goblin pastime of fart collecting.
Yes, I said 'fart'. Stop laughing.

Indeed, the usual suspects were conspicuous by their absence, and there was a row of brightly coloured jars, delicately balanced all across the back of my throne. I knew they were watching, waiting for me to pick one up for closer examination, or better still, knock one to the floor. Of course, I did neither. A flick of the wrist sent the jars spinning and tumbling towards their hiding place, and I watched with amusement as my errant subjects fought and bit and tripped over themselves in their haste to escape.

It doesn't take much to amuse me these days. Dear me.

As for the Winter court, what a complete and utter waste of my time. Do not even speak to me of it. Mab is in one of her contrary moods, it would seem, summoning courtiers on a whim. She calls it 'playful'.
I call it a bloody pain in the arse. Yes, I said 'arse' as well. Perhaps you might judge my mood by the level of my profanity. Didn't even get la-

Hey! Stop that! Honestly can I not have five minutes peace?
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[16 Aug 2010|11:42am]
As usual, the Winter Queen is at her most treacherous when she puts on a kindly face. I had almost forgotten how attractive ice can be when it glitters in the morning sun.

I must indeed watch my step here.
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[14 Aug 2010|12:16am]
Morag is here. Morag the crow. Mab's handmaiden and a distant cousin on my Winter side.
At least I think she's related, it has been a while since I last had any contact with her. And once she returns to the cold reaches of Winter, it will be a while before I will ever want to contact her again.

Nonetheless, I must leave with her. I have been called to the Winter Court and a summons from Queen Mab is one that I simply can not refuse, no matter how tempting.

Brenna, I am looking to you to watch over the wanderer in the Labyrinth. He was last seen near the edge of the Fiery Glade. Please, for all our sakes, keep him from wandering into the Bog.

The powder stores and the wine cellars are triple locked. I have warded every area of the castle that is off limits to goblins. My retainer and my gardener are temporarily overseeing the kingdom. I do not think there is much that can go wrong while I am away. Ha.

I will take a small retinue of goblinkin with me, I think. If nothing else they are always able to provide a useful distraction, should I need one, and I have the sneaking suspicion that I will.

I only wish I knew what in the seven realms Mab wants from me this time. My meetings with her do not usually end well.

This shouldn't take more than a week, with any luck.
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[12 Aug 2010|06:58pm]
Well now, this is novel.

My curious visitor has scaled the sides of the Labyrinth and is precariously making his way along the top of the walls.
Rather clever of him.

I wonder if I should tell him about the Spikemartyrs?
No. I am not in the best of humour today.
He'll find out soon enough.
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[11 Aug 2010|02:26pm]
My wandering visitor seems to be coming to his senses. He was assisted from the Oubliette by the Lady Brenna, and has this morning spent quite a long time talking to Alvar the wise. Quite why he is known as Alvar the wise is beyond me - he imparts no particular wisdom of his own. And his hat is a menace.

Hmm. If the mortal continues ambling along his current path, he might run into the Snappers. That could be tiresome.
Perhaps Didymus could turn him around?
I will see if he can be persuaded.
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[09 Aug 2010|02:30pm]
He's in the oubliette.
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